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Hi, Welcome to my first Post

I just thought I would do a little introduction, and hope that you visit my website and like my products.

I have been a crafting addict since childhood, and have always enjoyed making and creating.

After working in one company for many many years, I decided to gently dip my toe into selling my handmade products through on-line selling and craft fairs.

At present, I own a little artisan gift shop which showcases the designs and talents of fellow handmade designers, and I can honesly say I love my job.

You will notice several pieces handmade from pure copper, I use copper as a healing tool and have worn my byzantine bracelet for almost nine years.  I believe it indicates when my health needs an mot as it definitely changes colour.

From seed beaded jewellery to stainless steel and copper chainmaille, I hope you enjoy my selection.  In addition, some handcrafted knitted hats and accessories are also available.

I hope to add to interesting subjects for you in the future, and hope you stay in touch.


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My Copper Story

My Personal Byzantine Bracelet made 2009.

This is my own personal bracelet; a slender copper byzantine bracelet.  Now, I must admit that I have recently cleaned it, but can you tell that it is almost 10 years old!  Yes, I made it back in September 2009, and apart from a small operation, have worn it every single day.  In fact, I never take it off.  The images of my cuff have not been altered in any way, (apart from a new clasp), but if you look closely, there are some scratches and markings on it.  It’s just aging like everything else in life, and I love it.

Up until 2009, I had been making beaded jewellery, however developed a passion for chainmail jewellery, and started making various items using coloured wire jump rings. It was at a summer craft fair, that I met a lovely elderly gentleman, who asked if I could make a bracelet for him using pure copper wire, and then, he proceeded to tell me all the healing benefits of copper, and I became so intrigued that I began making my own copper rings to make chainmail pieces.

Now, at that time, I felt fine, but had starting to notice little things, I was always tired for instance.  I also had a lot of aches and pains, but brushed it off as stress related. In the meantime, made a ‘Full Persian’ bracelet for the gentlemen (who by the way was absolutely thrilled with it), and made my byzantine bracelet.

When I started to wear the bracelet, the first thing I noticed was how quickly it discoloured, literally within days of wearing it. I gave it a quick clean and polish but, again, it discoloured really quickly as before. So, I began to wonder if the copper was trying to tell me something about my health, and on impulse decided to go and have a check up.

I, in fact discovered that I did have a blood related illness. I received the appropriate treatment, and now use my bracelet as a health indicator; I do not need anything else.

My bracelet is an amazing tool for me; I am so glad fate lead me to this gentlemen, and how copper has helped to develop me further into new ventures, and I am so grateful. Copper has been used as a healing tool since ancient times; it has so many benefits, that you, the wearer may have different results. For me, however, I would be lost without it.

If you do choose one of my jewellery items, I hope you enjoy wearing it as much as I have enjoyed making it.

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Festive Christmas Jewellery

I have recently been experimenting with wire work jewellery, I always have lots of wire for my chainmaille pieces, but always like to try something new.

Now newly listed, are these festive christmas tree earrings, handmade in copper, coloured enamelled copper, aluminium, and gilt plated.  I love them, expecically enjoyed hammering them. I think they make great little gifts, or something festive to wear over the holiday period.

Hope you like them too!