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Hi, Welcome to my first Post

I just thought I would do a little introduction, and hope that you visit my website and like my products.

I have been a crafting addict since childhood, and have always enjoyed making and creating.

After working in one company for many many years, I decided to gently dip my toe into selling my handmade products through on-line selling and craft fairs.

At present, I own a little artisan gift shop which showcases the designs and talents of fellow handmade designers, and I can honesly say I love my job.

You will notice several pieces handmade from pure copper, I use copper as a healing tool and have worn my byzantine bracelet for almost nine years.  I believe it indicates when my health needs an mot as it definitely changes colour.

From seed beaded jewellery to stainless steel and copper chainmaille, I hope you enjoy my selection.  In addition, some handcrafted knitted hats and accessories are also available.

I hope to add to interesting subjects for you in the future, and hope you stay in touch.


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