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My Copper Story

My Personal Byzantine Bracelet made 2009.

This is my own personal bracelet; a slender copper byzantine bracelet.  Now, I must admit that I have recently cleaned it, but can you tell that it is almost 10 years old!  Yes, I made it back in September 2009, and apart from a small operation, have worn it every single day.  In fact, I never take it off.  The images of my cuff have not been altered in any way, (apart from a new clasp), but if you look closely, there are some scratches and markings on it.  It’s just aging like everything else in life, and I love it.

Up until 2009, I had been making beaded jewellery, however developed a passion for chainmail jewellery, and started making various items using coloured wire jump rings. It was at a summer craft fair, that I met a lovely elderly gentleman, who asked if I could make a bracelet for him using pure copper wire, and then, he proceeded to tell me all the healing benefits of copper, and I became so intrigued that I began making my own copper rings to make chainmail pieces.

Now, at that time, I felt fine, but had starting to notice little things, I was always tired for instance.  I also had a lot of aches and pains, but brushed it off as stress related. In the meantime, made a ‘Full Persian’ bracelet for the gentlemen (who by the way was absolutely thrilled with it), and made my byzantine bracelet.

When I started to wear the bracelet, the first thing I noticed was how quickly it discoloured, literally within days of wearing it. I gave it a quick clean and polish but, again, it discoloured really quickly as before. So, I began to wonder if the copper was trying to tell me something about my health, and on impulse decided to go and have a check up.

I, in fact discovered that I did have a blood related illness. I received the appropriate treatment, and now use my bracelet as a health indicator; I do not need anything else.

My bracelet is an amazing tool for me; I am so glad fate lead me to this gentlemen, and how copper has helped to develop me further into new ventures, and I am so grateful. Copper has been used as a healing tool since ancient times; it has so many benefits, that you, the wearer may have different results. For me, however, I would be lost without it.

If you do choose one of my jewellery items, I hope you enjoy wearing it as much as I have enjoyed making it.

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